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Default Re: what's the general consensus on getting vaccinations?







Come on. They sell us drugs on television that can cure our ills with a list of about 2,000 side-effects. But, we should ask our doctor about it even though the side effects sound worse than the problem itself.

Geez!! How 'bout our doctor diagnosing and prescribing for us instead of sitting in front of our TV and deciding for ourselves that we have the physical problem they are describing and then telling our doctor THIS particular drug would be good for our symptoms.

And, vaccinations, the only risk they advise is that 1 in what? 10 million could be fatal.

That's it.

No other side effects?

Hard to believe!!

The only safe vaccination is to vaccinate yourself against their lies that they have in their possession the remedies that can "cure or prevent what ills us!"

They ill us!!

Okay, enough exclamation points on Thumper's topic and enough preaching.

But, what about this one!!

"See your doctor immediately, if your erection lasts longer than four hours as permanent damage might occur."

Yet, society ingests these "sexual" stimulants as if "SEX" is the answer to their problems. As if we are a mass of people who aren't functioning according to THEIR "NORMAL" sexual standards.

I guess they've created a society where SEX SELLS!!
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