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Default Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

I am doing everything in my power to prove cures for incurable diseases already exist. As it turns out, there is no governmental agency, branch of science or other institute to research and validate claims of cures.

I have been trying to prove to the public that cures exist for 15 years now. I am one of the unfortunate ones to discover the truth about the gimmicks and scams of both alternative and western medicine which led to me understanding and developing a method to cure all most all diseases. It is clear that science and medicine are aware of the natural ability to cure disease and are just burying them.

I can prove cure exist for almost any disease in less than two weeks but cannot get anyone to validate this. I get banned from Alternative and Western medicine forums on a regular basis. In forums like the CureZone you can promote any product you want to promote no matter if it works, if it doesn’t work or even if it is harmful but if you mention cures that require no products or gimmicks and instead promote the fact that the body will heal itself you get banned.

There is only one cure and that is when the body cures itself. Alternative Medicine is based on you believing in the products, gadgets or gimmicks and this scam prevents people from seeing or realizing that the gimmicks are not doing anything more than prompt a placebo effect.

If you remove the gimmicks and then focus on what is making the placebo take affect you can then focus on making the placebo a permanent cure.

In a nutshell, you are designed to heal, not just build new flesh in regards to wounds and trauma but you have an immune system that is designed to keep you healthy, strong and disease free. There is not a virus known to man that you are not designed to eliminate. The same goes for bacteria, fungus, parasites and all other pathogens.

Before medicine, man relied solely on their immune response and as long as man had a reasonable life style man remained healthy and strong. Man focused on the body and its natural ability to stay healthy and then medicine and science took over and now people have no idea what their body can do because they are told their only option is medicine and science. Cures are not medicine. Cures do not require any products or gadgets; instead cures require a reasonable amount of knowledge and some discipline.

To add a little fuel to the fire, 1 out of 4 people reading this are diagnosed with herpes. I have been unfortunate enough to deal primarily with herpes for the past year and it has became very apparent that most sores thought to be herpes are actually fungal infections and the best cure and control for sores thought to be herpes is over the counter fungicides like Tinactin and Lotrimin used as directed on the product label. This is easy for anyone to prove, just try it and see for yourself if they are not 50 times more effective than the big pharmaceutical meds that are more often than not useless. This little tidbit will get you banned from any medical forum in seconds.

If this thread interest you and becomes a hot topic, you will soon see people tracking me down from forums I have been banned from who are threatened by cures that require no products or medicine.

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