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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
Really? And what double blind study has ever proved the efficacy of homeopathy? How can you explain the disappearance of smallpox without vaccines? Mmmm, and the radiation and chemo I went through has done wonders for my cancer (in remission for 5 years now). So no, it is not a chicanery, whether or not there is a profit motive.
What double blind studies have proved the efficiency of any western medicine? You have heard of them but you haven't seem them. The pharmaceuticals companies and universities have thousands of double blind studies that say you can't heal yourself, but YOU haven't seen them. YOUR DOCTOR HASN'T EVEN SEEN THEM.

Double Blind Studies are what people throw out in a discussion to turn it into a debate to disrupt common sense. Because there are no double blind studies that prove anything, if you think they prove something it is because your knowledge base is based on what medicine and science tells you and if you relied on common sense there is not one single double blind study with a point, just blind study.

As for your cancer and chemo, that's a bold one. Where is the double blind study that says you are better off after chemo? How do you know that the chemo helped you? How do you know you were going tits up without it? Oh yeah, the double blind studies told you.

There is not one single truth published in western or alternative medicine outside of trauma and you keep throwing out lobs like that I will knock them all out of the park.

"Double blind studies" are tools designed for misinformed consumers who feel an urge to protect medicine, they PROVE nothing except how easily manipulated American's can be.

It is kind of like when Myth Busters proved that we did land on the moon by using all of Nasa's greatest simulating moon surfaces. LOL, Myth Busters let Nasa recreate the moon landing for the show to prove the the first creation was real and people didn't catch that. Funny how that is. Funny how people think they are alive today because of medicine which is absolutely known to be absolutely ineffective at curing anything including small pox.

Merry Christmas for those of you who believe in Chemo and Santa.
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