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Default Nobody is looking for cures.

The first thing that pops into people’s heads when I tell them there are cures for every disease is I am a liar. I don’t look or sound like a liar so what would make them think that?
I will tell you. It is because when they were a little kid in school their teachers told them they could grow up and become president of the United States or find a cure for cancer.
There are fund raisers everywhere you turn raising money for and I quote “CURES”. All the universities are asking you for money for “CURES”. You can walk for a cure, run for a cure, sing for a cure, donate zillions for a cure which gives off the illusion that someone is looking for a “CURE”. Matter of fact about the only time Medicine uses the word “cure” is when they are asking for money.
No one has ever questioned whether or not they were indeed looking for “cures” or just making themselves filthy stinking rich. Tude vox Ro’s first post here is another point that very few people will disagree with and I might add very difficult to dispute.
The people here who are offended by this thread are most surely in the business of Western or Alternative medicine, if they are not those offended are not making a living they have at least dedicated as much effort promoting medicine in which case their pride is what allows them to be offended.
People think I should be rich and that is the first thing used to discredit me and cures. They assume that there is someone in medicine or government who is actually using their money for searching for cures. NOW I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE, THAT’S FUNNY!!!!!! That’s the biggest joke ever shared here on TDS. After the truck loads of money are donated, when it is all said and done there is NOT ONE GREEDY S.O.B involved who is actually remotely concerned with cures.
Merry Christmas
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