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Default Re: STUN GUNS

If some fucking gorilla security guard at a school EVER stun gunned MY little girl, I'd cut his balls off, grind them up, make hamburger out of them, and serve them in the cafeteria.

He would be fucked up by myself, my wife, AND every single 'Gumba' that ever owed me a favor would be kicking this shit-head into a spot on the map.

I would call the fucking Channel 2 'shame on you' team to BROADCAST the ass-kicking that ensued. I would hope, nay, I would DEMAND that the WORLD would see the 55-gallon-sized-industrial-strength-green-glowing-radioactive-emulsified-cherry-flavored-DRUM-of-whoop-ass that would befall the sonuvabitch. It would be the can-of-whoop-ass to define the maximum limits of the can-of-whoop-ass. Websters dictionary would either need to re-define the term "aggravated assault" or come up with a better word for it.

That nigga would be so fucked up, his soul would be black and blue. I would be so fucking mad,I'd kill his soul after he was dead. Forget 'Limbo' . . . God AND Satan TOGETHER would need to have an hour board meeting just to figure out where this nigga belonged.

It would be an ass-kicking so bad, that the NWO would try to recruit me.

When I tell you that he would be destroyed . . . I mean that there would be less than nothing left of him . . . I'd beat him out of the book of creation . . . I would kick his ass so bad, the stun gunning never would have happened. He would have been expunged from time itself . . . and the only thing remaining would be the anguished, dying echoes of his screams.

Who the fuck are the people putting these things into the hands of SCHOOL SECURITY? I'd kick the shit out of the decision maker on that one as well.

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