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Talking Re: A soldier against the Fascist Elite

Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
What freedoms from your country, do you not experience?
I never said or hinted at any of my rights denied to me personally; this is to infer an impending extirpation of said rights by the Elitists. On the contrary Ms. Doe to answer your question, I exercise the Amendments bestowed without granted in respect to where they may apply. I'm denied nothing that is short of questionable imposition to the common wealth that is given to all Americans as a free nation.

"I am concerned for the security of our great nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within."
- General Douglas MacArthur

This leaves me to wonder at credulousness of the question; it teeters dangerously close to the insinuation of unambiguity of my previous post to which I would also conclude by the numerous posts you've accumulated as a member here that you're a Seasoned Troller; which could be characterized as a person whose interests is not in the subject but its uses in of the content in blatant disregard to the target's abusive threshold in order to elicit a response. Trollers such as yourself instigate inimical feedback because of a compulsion to assimilate it to fuel your borderline antisocial behavioral disorder. May I inquire to what country you're from? To ask " your Country..." As a retort to a post that has an image of "WE THE PEOPLE" in post of my introduction either implies you suspect me of unambiguity as contrast to your experience in the same Country, or you're just an imbecilic middle-aged divorcee with little to do but probe the web like a Velociraptor waiting to enact upon opportunity. I will leave you this quote to bare in mind elementary observation and Reasoning are the parents of Wisdom. "A battle, even of the Mind, is foolish without Armor." -Julio Hendricks III... Here's your Head back!

Good day to you Madam,
The Guillotine
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