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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

When the helicopter launches off from NYC, it launches w/ a radial velcotiy equal to the spin of the earth itself (if you choose to solve the problem in that frame of reference). For this reason, it continues "spinning" at the same rate as the surface of the earth underneath it (since there is no other force that would counteract or retard its motion in this respect).

Suppose you were on a speeding train, and jumped off. Inbetween the time you left the train, and when you hit the ground, you would be moving "laterally" at the same velocity as the train. You wouldn't just suddenly "stop moving" (i.e., b/c the surface of the earth isn't moving in frame of reference) just b/c you left the train (at least, not until you hit the ground).

Foucault's Pendulum proves that the earth is rotating.. you can use the pendulum to measure the rate of rotation, provided you know your latitude:
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