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Default Re: Prostitute Barbie - The New "Sexy" Barbie That Goes Way Too Far

Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
Ladies, I was referring to the line of childrens dolls called "The Bratz" they are geared toward girls between 8 and up I think, if you go to a department store toy aisle, or just google the images, you will see how the NWO COMPANY that makes those dolls are brainwashing young girls to dress like sluts, or should I say "club chicks" this is innapropiate for girls under 18. IMO. High heels and skimpy skirts is not right for kids. By the way I have'nt heard a peep from parental groups protesting these dolls, they've been on the market for over 5 years I think.
Who the hell has ever heard of a line of children's dolls called "The Bratz."

I have three children and they never once made mention of this doll.
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