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Default Re: Barack Obama’s Zombie Followers and The Hell That Awaits America

I would like to say that I followed a rabbit hole this weekend myself and found out that Oprah and friends is hosting a cult religion called "a course in miracles" and the woman who wrote the course is named marianne williamson. marianne learned everything she purports from a woman who claims she heard jesus tell her what to write for several years. this antichrist religion is currently online for people to get immersed in and also on xm satellite radio.
Oddly enough, marianne was born in 1952. Jack Parsons previous head of the OTO (that may or may not be connected to freemasonry lol) and father of missiles, claims he and a woman named marjorie cameron had a female golem child. Jack Parsons died June 17,1952. He had claimed he was the antichrist and had some dealings with L Ron Hubbard possibly as well. Marianne Williamson is 56 years old and was born July 8,1952. Obama comes out of nowhere to get elected and I heard he is a freemason. Biden to my knowledge is not.
The collective antichrist is at work. Read up on WikiPedia yourself.

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