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truebeliever wrote:
When new posters come here are they never to question you, MASTER?????

If they don't understand, should they not ask a question??
You are NOT about asking questions you are about making "snide" remarks!

Oh, I'm not about asking questions, but that's why I ask questions. Okay, whatever, TB!! I have written plenty here and some people, believe it or not, are interested. You are the snide remark person, TB!!

I was nice to you while regular posters complained BITTERLY behind the scenes as to your posting style.

Regular posters compalined BITTERLY behind the scenes as to my posting style. They emailed you??? How many??? Can I have names, please???

The end came when YOU had a go at Ahmed for spoiling your thread!

I think Ahmad can take care of himself, just like the rest of the posters. You don't need to interfere and intervene and be the dictator here.

AFter that you needed a bollicking!

I am not your child nor your slave!!! WTF??? I needed a bollicking. SEEK help!!!

No one is perfect BA especially me.

However...i am here ultimately to impart my little bit of knowledge on the subject.

The situation is DIRE! The consequences are SERIOUS!

It is not a game.

Stop implying that I think it's a game and that you're the only one who is here to impart his knowledge. What, the rest of us are just idiots??? Boy, talk about striking panic and fear, read your last lines!! Do you work for them or something?

MAke your questions direct and to the point.

My questions are direct and to the point. What? You mean the situation is so dire and serious that there isn't a second to waste with any question you don't comprehend? You still haven't answered the direct question that was to the point!!

I will not be around much longer. I have some property to buy and a bunker to build.
Property to buy and a bunker to build!!!! Talk about paranoid!!!!
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