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Default Re: Are they tracking and profiling you?

Anyway, back to the subject...

Ah yes, speaking of Makows article yesterday, he mentioned that men have to stop treating women as sex objects, I have to slightly disagree with that(although men should always respect women) because in my life it has been women that instigated SEXUAL INTERCOURSE at the spur of the moment.

When I was much younger, I thought I was more handsome, and in my prime then, but, as I placed my photo on online dating services recently, I apparently am still 'very-welcoming' I'm not bragging, the shear amount of E-mails I get is indicative of this, I have since taken down my photo from dating sites. but, this is'nt what I'm going to write about here.

You might think I'm some sort of sexual deviant after reading this, you would be wrong in assuming that. Ok here goes...

Spontaneous Sex..

This occasion happened when I was younger, anyway I went to a convenience store and met a fine lady, I knew I would hit it off with her right away, she was hot, she was apparently extremely horny at the moment, as she started to grab me, keep in mind, this is the first time ever seeing this lady, she then asked me to go with her to the 'managers room' she locked the store doors and we had sexual intercourse, right there, at the spur of the moment. Now you might say that is pretty disgusting, and very dangerous, you would be somewhat correct, but this lady was no 'tramp' I know a 'good lady' from a wretch, it's not hard to distinguish.

You might be thinking right now, have you lost your freekin mind? Answer: NO.

I'm simply making a point about Makows article yesterday, I can personally speak of at least 4 other instances in my life where similar instances have occurred. Am I proud of it, of course not, And keep in mind I was single and not taken. The point is that Women have been the instigators of Sexual indescretions for time immemorial, Makow seems to think most men are Sex Starved Ghouls, that is somewhat true, but I say from personal experience that Women, especially nowadays are Incredibly Sex starved, because the way the NWO has set everything up.

A good question is Would I 'Do It' again, you know spontaneous sex with first meeting females, NO! I'm seeking a good honest female to settle with period. If they exist out there.
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