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Default Re: Fighting the NWO is a SPIRITUAL war

Peter ?

you are correct ! music affects the mind . i have noticed time an time again with other parents , to which i will add that i have done this experiment in front of other parents to show the affects of music upon babies and small children and the potential damage it does to our minds and there for our behavioural nature .

i put on classical music for a while , and all the children were chilled out , calm , sharing , at piece itheach other .
then i put on fire starter , and heavy rock music .
im telling you it only took 3 songs to turn them all into argueing , fighting , none sharing .me me me me me me me , shout shout , mum , dad , tell him bla bla bla little critters !

the parents were amased . dahr ? why were they ? why havet these apparent - cearing and loving parents not done research in the best interests of their children in mind ?

this is how sick our planet is ! our masses are mind controlled !

what descusted me one day was BBC ( british television ) advertisng kylie manogue on full view child veiwing time of 5pm with kylie , and other adults all dressed up in the most skimpiest string wear available to shuv in the faces of prime time viewers , who i which i will add , that they actually know will be children between 5 an 14 years old , all looking at their glossy gods and learning how to act accordingly .

these women were doing dance moves that were no different to adult viewing sex girls on tv at night after 11pm . and to think ? these sick and sorded adults justify this peadophilier as a job ! it descusted me and the tv set was instantly swiched off ! ok ? no problem for adult viewing at 11pm , but not for children to learn howto be , not mine !

it was obviously time for me to get involved with some prime time quality play , and get out my little ponies instead .

these child preditors , who run the pop industry should be put in jail , however i cant guarentee what i would do if i knew i could meet these poeple in a very different cercumstance.

all music , especially heavy rock , has may subliminal and artificial implanting surguestions .

you are right ! dont worry to much about trying to expell demons , you've already done that bye recognising them . however , there is no harm in that practice .

go for it ! be part of the piece machine . its whats brougt us all here anyway and yes , the NWO and what they are trying to do , is to make us act against mankind and what we stand for .

bye way of action , our spirit is shaped


it is not who we are that is important .
it is what we do that defines us .
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