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Default Re: Political correctness to blame for lack of coverage of black-on-white killings?

First, let me say if this is what happened to this couple the way you are reporting it did, I am very sorry for them. No one should have to die by the hands of another person for any reason at all; least of all color. Hmmm makes you think about all the blacks who were raped, beat, made slaves or made to do all types of horrible things because of the color of their skin.

Wow! Now we are talking about justice and why no one is covering this type of killing on white people? Strange world.

Next, I have to ask you respectfully to clear up a few things in your story because you make it sound like this young couple was either super men and women or aliens. First you come on and say …

Originally Posted by WendyGirl View Post
Is political correctness to blame for lack of coverage over horrific black-on-white killings in America’s Deep South?

"A bright young couple were carjacked after a Saturday night date and murdered in the most brutal way imaginable.

Christopher Newsom, 23, was tied up and raped, shot in the back of the head and then dragged to a railway track and set on fire.

His girlfriend, 21-year-old University of Tennessee student Channon Christian’s fate was even more horrific.

Her death came only after hours of torture, during which time she was raped and savaged with a broken chair leg.

She was beaten in the head and a household bleach was poured down her throat and over her bleeding and battered genital area in an attempt by her attackers to cover any evidence of rape – all while she was still alive.
Torture: Channon Christian was forced to watch the attackers rape and kill her boyfriend Christopher Newsom before she was murdered

Then she was ‘hog-tied’ with curtains and a strip of bedding and a plastic bag was wrapped over her face.

Her body was stashed inside five bigger rubbish liners and dumped in a bin, where, according to the autopsy report, she slowly suffocated to death.

My question is, if she was forced to drink bleach and it was poured all over her vaginal area wouldn’t she have died from that? I alone, I mean people get bit by poisonous snakes and take less time to die, as a matter of fact, fifteen minutes in some cases if they are not rushed to a hospital but you say this woman endured all of that and then finally succumb to the plastic bag being placed over her head after hours of suffocating.

Look, I agree these were heinous acts but to come and say where is the justice for “WHITE” victims of horrible hate crimes in the south is not only highly contradicting but insulting and downright cruel. What about all of the Blacks who endured far worse? Did you ask for justice for them? What about all the blacks now who can’t get fair wage jobs like their under qualified counterpart who applied for the same job? Did you ask for justice for them? Oh, pardon me; you gave them affirmative action, which you all are trying to abolish. Just the mere thought of having to come up with a system called affirmative action (which states that you have to let a certain amount of blacks or minorities either get or apply for the job ) let’s you know that there is a problem .

So, I think that while these are heinous acts I think you should address them as that and not put a color behind the act. You would have done better if you’d said that people need to stop violent acts against other human beings period instead of trying to further the fuel of an idiot southern mentality of segregation ignorance, and slavery. You people never cease to amaze me. You all will take a tragedy and turn it to further your stupid race war agenda. I sometimes wonder how any of you from the south even know how to read because in order to read a book you have to get used to white and black being together in unison for one goal to work together (white page with black words) Ha get over it and let’s call it what it really is a heinous act of violence against another human being and then I think you would have more sympathy from the intelligent public instead of what you really want more white black hate each other then kill each other crap…

I am Enlightening the Mind and I approve this message!

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