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Default A challenge!

As a new member and poster, I thought I wouldn't mess about, I'm going to get straight on with it.

I believe, probably more than most of you.

However, I challenge any one of you to come up with solid facts - Not based on speculation and conjecture, why Freemasonry is allegedly evil.

If the globalist masters pertain to be Freemasons, they certainly aren't recognised by real Freemasons (United Grand Lodge of England).

You are all pointing a finger at Freemasons as the architects and engineers of the NWO, provide me with proof, and I will provide you proof that you are wrong.

I am a Master Mason and proud. I am poor, honest and of good repute in my community. I swore an oath on the Bible and I believe in God.

I look forward to continuing to post here, and healthy, good discussion, I will never offend and respect your opinions. May I request the same courtesy?

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