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Default Re: The evils of the Torah

I do not declare to be on any side because there is only one side and that is the side of the GOD of the Bible. If GOD hated Esau, as he did, it does not preclude GOD's forgiveness of Esau or of Esau's establishing favor in GOD's eyes. Is it impossible to understand that the absolute GOD is not like humans and does not think like humans, but can if it is desired. My accusations included that humans were incapable of comprehending even the smallest part of GOD as was shown to Moses and Moses was a great one. There is no war against that which is the total sustainer and perpetuating one of all that can be and that is the GOD of the Bible. I am very aware of the mercy of the Creator and that the agenda of the Creator is being carried out to the minutest details of space, time, flesh, and spirit. GOD is no child and does not act in a rash manner. GOD has allowed the most destructive creature that has ever breathed the air of this planet to live and that is the human race. Do not count on this always being the case for the love of a rabid species could end in it being mercifully removed from this and any other habitation.
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