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Default Re: Was Hitler a "British" Agent?

Unfortunately for you, Jimbo, you are the one who needs help, not Draken.

All the information you regurgitated in your post is merely the propaganda used against the Germans and Hitler prior to World War ll, and later, after the war, to extort money from Germany in the form of reparations. In war, TRUTH is always the first casualty.

Were it not so horrendously profitable for those pseudo victims and their UN mandated state of Israel, the history of World War ll would just take it's place in the history books as yet another bloody chapter to be studied by bored high school students.

The Holohoax is the cash cow of the jews, the club they hold over the head of every country to secure special treatment and extort money, even to make the discussion of the Holohoax a crime punishable by imprisonment in some Western countries. No other subject known to man is forbidden to be discussed except the Holohoax. Could it be they have much to hide? Like the truth, perhaps?

Hitler's only "final solution" for the jews was forced immigration/repatriation to the Soviet Union to join their fellow Communists. He encouraged immigration to England, America and Palestine, giving jews permission to leave.

It is a fact of history that most Communists were jews, led by jews, who took over Russia and then set about to spread their poisonous doctrine to the West. Most jews today are still Communists but they are now known as Neo Conservatives
while the doctrine, aims and methods remain the same. Lies, lies and more lies and then war.

First of all, there were not 6 million jews in all the areas occupied by Germany during the war. Did Hitler import some from the United States and South America for his dastardly plans??

Secondly, over 3 million filed for and received reparations from the German government for time supposedly spent in the camps and work performed there. No proof required, if they filed, they collected. That's jewish math for you. BTW, they filed those claims mostly from Israel. I find that somewhat strange myself.

The world population of jews showed several million increase by 1949, despite the fact that they claimed to lose 6 million during the war. That's some more jewish math.

Many "survivors" claim they were in several different camps, over several years including Elie, the weasle, Weisel. Why, I ask you, would any country bother feeding and housing millions of people during wartime when food is scarce, only to exterminate them? That makes no sense at all.

They also had medical care in the camps because the weasel was in the hospital with a broken ankle when the camp was in danger of being over run by the Bolshie Communists. He and his father chose to leave with the Germans. They could have waited to be "liberated."

Face it, if the Germans only wanted to exterminate the jews, they could have used the method the Soviet jews used on the Polish Officer Corp in the Katyn Forest. Line 'em up on their knees by a ditch, put a bullet in their brain, push them in, spread dirt over them and then blame someone else, in this case the Germans. A whole lot faster and cheaper, wouldn't you say?

The camps in Germany were already in existence before the war because they were work camps where criminals were sent for punishment. They weren't stupid like us, spending billions to build heated and air conditioned prisons so miscreants can laze around on their ass all day and watch TV while we work ours off to pay for their incarceration. That is why the sign read "Work Makes Free."

Auschwitz was a Buna Rubber Plant and they used convict labor to replace Germans who were off fighting the war, to keep the factory going, producing tires and other rubber products for the Reich. They were also working on developing a synthetic rubber there, since their supplies of raw material from South America were being affected by the war. It was never once bombed by Allied Aircraft though they flew over it often. Fancy that.

It was never an extermination camp and no jews were gassed or otherwise intentionally killed there. Period. They needed the help too badly, in the first place.

As far as Hitler the man, Dubya and his predecessors couldn't shine his shoes. Read the writings of Degrelle who probably knew him better than anyone else. Hitler never sold out his country to the enemy like our Congress and Senate have done either, being bought off by our own taxpayer dollars recycled through Israel.

Before you buy into and spread the lies about Hitler, let me remind you that the real jewish "holy book," the Talmud, says that Mary, mother of Jesus, was a whore who was gang raped by Roman soldiers, making Jesus a bastard. Sound familiar. Next thing you know they will claim that Hitler is in hell boiling in a pot of excrement as they claim about Christ. Maybe the pot is big enough for two, who knows.
I hate it when they say, "He gave his life for his country." Nobody gives their life for anything. We steal the lives of these kids. We take it away from them. They don't die for the honor and glory of their country. We kill them."-- Admiral Gene LaRocque
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