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Default Re: Criminals in white face

Akbar wrote:
If the Duke basketball team made up of black players had done the same to a white exotic dancer. It would have been on media outlets 24/7. The white exotic dancer would have become famous with her own talk show. (YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING RIGHT AKBAR?).

A woman told police she and another dancer were hired to perform March 13 at a private party in an off-campus home. The dancer, a student at North Carolina Central University, told police she was pulled into a bathroom, beaten, choked and raped by three men.SHE"S A DAMM WHORE! not a DANCER, get that sraight AKBAR!

Wow! I guess this is another episode in white history. I guess this will not be an article placed in American Renaissance news.

Akbar you either are a Goverment Instigator or are just plain BLIND! You seem to want to accuse every damm incident that involves Whites as being racial, You are a true racist! I don't know what country you live in but you need to get your pathetic mind out of those "LIBERAL COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA" books you read and realize everything your being taught is a big LIE!
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