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Default Re: Welcome fellow Northcommians!

Nohope, Your closeness is quite good. Tell me can you honestly think of another way. Not one hour ago this happened to me. My Mom came home today after surgery. the surgeon gave her a prescription for pain medication. Her hometown pharmacy is not open (Sunday). I (knowing better) went to our local CVS. I spoke with the $125,000(minimum)pharmacist about the situation. His reply was that since my 85 year old Mom was not signed up with them for the Bush prescription plan for the elderly, he could only fill her prescription if she was willing to pay the $110.00 charge for the five pills. I declined knowing I already had a few pills left from a prescription I have. This pharmacist BTW is a local 1st rate Christian Republican. Now that is reality and that is the way it is and this kind of over paid trash will not change. So maybe if we vote, maybe if we plead, maybe if we polish their BMWs, maybe if we let them eat our 1st born, or maybe we should stand up to this damned bunch. What do you think.
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