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Default Re: DRESDEN - A Real Holocaust


A new book published in Germany shows horrific pictures of World War II bomb destruction in Dresden and other cities.

The pictures were gathered by controversial historian Joerg Friedrich, who has previously sparked controversy by suggesting the Allied air campaign was a war crime.


The dead of Dresden lie in the streets in 1945. Waves of British bombers flew over the city, creating a firestorm in which tens of thousands died.

The temperature of the masonry in the city's cathedral reached an estimated 1,000C.

Reports speak of many victims melting in the intense heat, their bodies becoming welded to pavements.


In the city of Kassel in October 1943, SS and police officers and Italian prisoners of war work to remove the bodies of the dead.

Allied bombers hit dozens of industrial sites and factories, but more than half the city was destroyed. Around 8,500 people died and 100,000 were left homeless.


The aftermath of bombing in the northern city of Hamburg in July 1943.

The charred bodies of victims lay in the streets.

Four fire-bombing raids were carried out on the city during July. An estimated 50,000 people died.


Bodies are piled up for burning in the streets of Dresden after the 1945 firebombing.

Many refugees died in the firestorm, after fleeing to Dresden to escape the fast-advancing Soviet forces.

One man recorded in his diary in March: "Russian commandos are still busy burning charcoal corpses on huge pyres in the middle of town."


Dresden bombing victims lie in the city's ruined streets. People died not only from burns, but also from smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide poisoning and suffocation, as the intense fire consumed all oxygen.


I can add that some pictures taken of the holocaust at Dresden and other German cities were said by the Allies to be photos taken of German "extermination camps" and the dead bodies were said to be Jews killed by the Germans. In other words, standard Communist modus operandi.
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