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Default Re: So, who is the New Moderator?

Originally Posted by agent_mulder View Post
Yes - like the people who questioned the rules and were banned, the ones who accused you of editing the posts and were banned, the ones who didn't answer questions in a thread and were banned, the ones who stood up for others saying their banning was a bit harsh and found themselves banned.

It's the beauty of being a Super Moderator (as you know) you can ban and unban who ever you want and that is what I am doing - unbanning people I want!

Community members who have made valuable contributions to the site only to be banned IN WHAT I FEEL IS A HARSH MANNER!

I may have only had seven posts (and as I have said and you love to ignore you started on zero just like everyone else at some stage) but I had been on this site for two years reading everything, I can read now and I see what has been happening.

Times have changed, there is a new sherrif in town now and things around here are going to change for the better.

You consider yourself a sherriff.

Look, dude, this site was up and running perfectly while I was moderating and I banned disruptive members.

So sorry you during your two years of reading this forum you were disapproving of my actions.

So sorry, too, that the owners of CC who appointed me the moderator didn't have the balls to tell me the same and ban me.

Yeah, pal, all the members of CC whom I banned were perfectly upstanding CC community members and I treated them unjustly.

Get real!