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Default Re: So, who is the New Moderator?

I am just saying some people it was a bit harsh - especially with what i have read today (through the trash can etc) and so some people will be invited back - however if you had bothered to ask or understand they will be placed on restrictions.

By that I mean the new Community Guidelines will be in place before they come back, if you or another member here breach them there will be ample warnings/infractions before we even look at bannings, for these people who are invited back their first breach will see them back on the banned list.

It is a second chance for some - not everyone of them - there is a list of about six people that I deemed who deserved a second chance and am happy to talk to you in private message about it and get your side of the story before they come unbanned to see whether what I have read was read in the incorrect context etc.

However I was asked about the bannings and to make a list and that is what I have done, this was asked of me by our CLO and CrowdGather and I have only done what I have been asked to do.

Some people in life deserve a second chance, and some of the people who had been banned will get that chance.