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Default Re: So, who is the New Moderator?

As I said I was welcome to discussing this with you. But just like many other threads there is no reasoning, and so instead of extending the olive branch and getting your input I am over attempting to reason with you.

I have done what I was asked to do, I have attempted to keep the peace in this thread while you remain disgruntled about something. What? Who knows.

But as previously stated you continue to HARP on about stuff that is adding nothing to this conversation.

Due to the fact that this thread was created to find out who the new moderator is. Where in your second post (which you deleted) you stated clearly:
"Who is the new moderator of CC" and "So who is replacing me" the answer is quite clearly me - Agent Mulder.

I am the one entrusted with bringing the revolutionary change to Club Conspiracy, I am the one with the ideas that I have approached Crowd Gather about putting into action, I am the one that wants to entice old and new members to come back and take part in the community.

For these reasons the answer to your question has been given. This thread has now run it's course and there is no purpose or need for it to remain open.

For that reason, and the decision, this thread has now been closed.

If you have any relevant concerns, or issues in regards to Club Conspiracy I invite you to open a new thread so I am able to address those concerns and issues. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve Club Conspiracy a thread was started this morning that invited ALL COMMUNITY Members to have a say on how the community is run, what is included in the revamp and all information and I invite you to post in there.

Thread Closed
Reason: Thread discussion has run its course. Thread was designed around a question - that question has now been answered.

Thank you to all who participated.