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Default Re: Arnold Shwarzenneger president in 2008?...

Alex Jones has been saying this for awhile he has a website set up just for Arnold and his elite backed presidental hopes.
Hmmm wasn't hitler austrian turned german national than a dictator?
Arnold the molester for prez? Why would any one vote for a known sex fiend pig .. while Billy Bob Clinton gets oral sex from Monica and almost gets impeached?
On Jone's website it has some very strange quotes that comes from the Conehead the barbarian's mouth ... dictator this ... I don't like the "small" people .. the elite take charge ... blah blah .. bull shit

All the little secrets that this guy has hidden would be the puppet strings attached to this puppet.
Like he posed for gay magazines?
Is a racist?
Messes around on his wife?

All these are out in the open , almost common knowledge..... what the hell does he hide?

He would be the most controlled president ever
I thought Bush 43 was bad ... Arnold would have his hands tied.... But he is an actor .. so I guess he could play his role of tyrannical king pretty well.

Arnold Exposed... Arnold will serve as a meticulously documented encyclopedia of Arnold's sinister, grotestque and even barbaric activites, from his nazi links to ...
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