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Default Re: Hi, new here. Have stupid questions. Trust no one.

They have the system to collect information and such, and if the red flags mount up on a high level, they'll investigate selectively.

Though it doesn't take a rocket scientist with wide powers, and top of the range technology and surveillance software to isolate, track down, and ruin someone's life if they're becoming a nuisance.

The fact that most of the people here seem to publish information about themselves without thinking about it, assures any skip tracer with half a lobe can find and ruin someone just the same.

People really are quite stupid. Just look at the reference to a train in Outer Eastern Melbourne, by TB, to see how going over his posts would pretty much deliver you on his front door in the matter of a few weeks.

That's assuming of course, you percieve him to be a threat, a crafty wordsmith and intellectual and charismatic leader of the oppressed and fallen, and worthy of your time and resources.

Having said that, nobody would bother with TB, obviously. :-?
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