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Default America's Trojan Horse

After years of research and study. I have to agree with some people that the civil rights movement is being used as a trojan horse to destroy the moral fabic of America. Yes, the civil rights movement did assist blacks in obtaining freedoms that they did not have before, but now homosexuals are a part of the movement because they feel they should be treated special for a sex act. What's next, those who like missionary or doggie style. The fact is that it was a "human right" for blacks to get fair treament, not a civil right. In my research I found that the Jews that were at the head of the civil rights movement did not share with blacks that it was far more important for them to establish a strong independent black identity before they moved towards intergration. They also failed to share with blacks that it was far more important to maintain the control of their own businesses and education systems than to leave them to integrate with whites. Now here is the real shocker. Intergration would have naturally happened in America several years later without the need of forced intergration. This would had given blacks more time to develop an independent identity to become self sufficient and to reinforce a strong culture and family base. I do not believe in forced intergration. People naturally connect with those that they have something in common with such as culture and race. We see now that the world is bringing all of the races in the world together. It seems that creation is connecting all of us together so we can be more human by caring for our fellow man. Our greatest identity is our human identity. If we do not connect with our human identity then everything else is lost. The civl rights movement should have been the human rights movement that not only moved racial barriers, but also worked to connect all races to their God given human rights. This would have mushroomed into a world movement instead of a national movement. This would have been too much of a threat to the NWO. The NWO wants division not cooperation. So the solution to stopping the destruction of the moral fabic in America is a return to following the constitution. Not the American Constitution, but the word of God. It is the only thing that is going to save us from the daily attack on our morality in America. When we all connect with what God wants for our life then we all become intregrated in spirit.

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