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Default Re: I only have 11 post's left!


Why 911?

Answer: Cause they can!

But why kill thousands of innocent people? if Total World Domination is what they seek, then why not Assasinate Political leaders worldwide?

Answer: they already do that!

Although not to complex for examination, thus we the people have the resources of the 'net' to use. The rebellion is in it's infancy. Question is WILL IT LAST??

The answers we seek are complex and worrisome, however we do know that the history of EVIL has been around for eons.

What is EVIL?

Answer: Sinful behavior from the INSURRECTION against GOD! from the begining of time!

Humans seek to be GOD-LIKE, this is impossible, and it is deadly to the soul, the world is in rebellion against the AUTHORITY!

The rebellion is in it's final days.

All that we percieve is EVIL, because we are programmed to reject the authority from above.

Note: if you find my CHRISTIAN world views irritating, then don't attempt to read my message. Skip on over to other threads, cause this is intended for CHRISTIANS ONLY! :-x

Bring it on!

You can read about my WAY AHEAD OF TIME threads both here and on Above Top Secret. Com (Banned from there) just look for Ivan Terrible threads.

As you can tell, (probably not!) I have nothing to FEAR, NOT YOU, NOT ANYBODY! my presence on the net as come full circle...

Note: NO, your the Anonymous Cowards of the Net!

Night! :-o
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