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Default Re: Mercury In Amalgams and Vaccinations - Genocide In North America

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post

I would disagree with your statement that NO AMOUNT OF MERCURY IS A SAFE AMOUNT TO HAVE IN YOUR BODY.

I would also disagree that autism and mercury poisoning have nearly identical symptoms.

2+2 = 4.
Maybe I overexaggerated about the autism thing. They don't really have nearly identical symptoms but they do have ALOT of the same symptoms. Theres no denying that. I'm also slightly frazzled by the fact people would rather nit pick about a few little exaggerated statements instead of focusing on this WORLD WIDE ISSUE. It may be hard to believe but that statement isn't exaggerated and I would love for you to try and convince me how any level of mercury in ones body is safe nevermind beneficial.

Mercury has no beneficial effects on health at all. It also effects everyone slightly differently. This is why no level of mercury is a safe level to have in your body. Some people might get severe reactions from X amount of mercury in there body while others would be affected so mildly by amount X it would take a biopsy to even have a slight chance of seeing the differences the mercury caused in said persons body. So why have tooth fillings that contain roughly 50% mercury? Why put mercury in vaccinations? Theres no need for this. Theres plenty of other materials that can be used for tooth fillings that are next to harmless. Also realise I'm not saying 4,5 or even 6 vaccinations are causing adverse effects in people. What I'm saying is there definately contributing to the degree a person is poisoned by mercury from all the other contributing factors such as having a mother who got vaccinations or had/has tooth fillings, breathing, nail polishes, face creams, tuna fish and the list goes on.

A few tid-bits of information on mercury. Mercury causes brain damage, memory loss, dementia, alzheimers, loss of coordination, auto-immune diseases, MS, thyroid problems, mental retardation, sensory nerve destruction, respiratory failure, renal failure, heart problems, muscle loss, hearing impairment, eye disturbances and again the list goes on. How much mercury does it take to generally cause these problems? Well supposably nobody knows. Mercury poisoning can also result in DNA fragmentation which means a person who has been poisoned by mercury will likely pass on there damaged DNA structure down to there children. This causes all sorts of problems, one of them being a considerable increased chance of getting cancer. This epidemic is contagious in a sense because of the effect mercury has on peoples DNA structure. Practically everyone in the public domain is has some degree of mercury poisoning, its so common that it seems normal. In fact your breating a small amount of mercury vapour in right now. However once one gets out of that normal range to the point of being adversly effected by the poison there diagnosed with a disease that has no cure and has an 'unknown cause'.

Who really knows what people would be like with out mercury floating around in the air, there genes being damaged more and more through out the generations and with out being poisoned by vaccinations and fillings. Have you ever noticed how things are getting dumbed down more and more every decade? I bet back in the day humans were nuturally 30-40 IQ points smarter then they are today because there enviroment wasn't littered with mercury. This rabbit hole goes very deep, cliche expression I know, but this is a ground-shaking truth that needs to exposed.
Hate to admit it but my reptilian theory was a sham. Like honestly its one thing to believe in aliens but to believe in shape-shifting negative beings is just totally far fetched. I got a kick outta the replies though.
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