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Default Re: A lot of bigotry here, I notice (RANT TIME)

Hmmm... what a time waster NS was. I think he is smart (which he wants us to tell him), but I also think he/she is barking mad. That bit about buying bulk canned or dried food to stick it to his bosses was really weak though.

And what this thread started out as if anyone cares to continue on, is the important observation of what do you tell people under mind control about how various groups, movements, ideologies or conditions are being nurtured as satanic type experiments.

If that wasn't clear, the original post on this thread seemed to be of someone who doesn't want any of the taboo topics to actually have a point. What many of us can attest to is that modern culture through education and entertainment has brought about mind control. Many of us have at some point become disillusioned and begun to see through our conditioning.

Communism is a perfect example. People know little of it. Who does Dubya actually resemble in his smirk, his deliberate mishandling of national affairs and a penchant for terror? Stalin.

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