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Default Do the Positives OutWeigh the Negatives?

Talking Computers here... lets examine the negatives:
1. Computers quite possibly are the direct creation from Satan himself. using man of course to create.
2. computers are no doubt used by Illuminati scum to monitor and track everything and everybody on the planet for their as yet unknown purpose.
3. Computers and certain Illuminist software companies have the capability to "HYPNOTIZE" and control people through certain websites of theirs.
4. don't have to tell you all the filth and vulgarity it has opened up to humankind.
1. Computers have opened up new fronteirs in thinking.
2. Computers have brought the world community together.
3. Chidren are growing up now knowing far more than their parents ever did.

If you add the number 6 to each letter of the alphbet such as this example a=6 b=12 c=18 d=24 and so on and so forth till you get to z=156.. you come to this revelation. When you spell computer using the above formula you get the number 666..weird because it is the only number that I'm aware of that creates 666,Go ahead try it! a=6 b=12 c=18 d=24 e=30 f=36 g=42 h=48 i=54 j=60 k=66 l= 72 m=78 n=84 o=90 p=96 q=102 r=108 s=114 t=120 u=126 v=132 w=138 x= 144 y=150 z=156

c=18 o=90 m=78 p=96 u=126 t=120 e=30 r=108 ADD all together equals 666... :-o

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