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Default Al-Qaeda Did 9-11

FACT: Al-Qaeda is run not by Osama bin Laden, but by Salmon Rushdie. Rushdie achieved his controversial status to cover up his direct connections with Ayman al-Zamahiri. Bin Laden is a fictional character, played by al-Zamahiri's father in the video releases.

Al-Qaeda is a REAL organisation (!!!) and planted operatives on the flights involved in the Twin Towers incident by acquiring PLANE TICKETS and through mind-control drugs (esp. phenylephrine).

Conversely, the Loose Change films and related conspiracies are DISINFORMATION SPREAD BY THE CIA. 9-11 was a colossal embarrassment, and they immediately set up the conspiracy campaign to CREATE AN ILLUSION OF OMNIPOTENCE!

FACT: This is complete fact!

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