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Default Re: An Evil MAN WHO WANTS TO KILL ME!!!

I had a similar experience about 15 years ago, where this "person" stalked me for like 2 weeks straight, he would EYE me from a distance, and actually look at me like he wanted to kill me, he actually came as close to me as possible one time when I was putting gas in my car at a gas station, he stood from a distance and for some strange reason I will never know he looked at me OBVIOUSLY like a crazy person, so I have to admit I was scared, even though I'm more than capable of protecting myself and family from anybody, I think this person got the "message" one time when I flipped him off in broad daylight as I was passing by in my car, I then stopped and got out of my car and threatened to KILL HIM if he did'nt stop, he left and never stalked me again. , although this new stalker I swear is more cunning, he lurks from the shadows, (so to speak) If I ever do 'bump' into him I will probably threaten him also. if not have to defend myself, I have absolutely no fear of anybody at this point in my life, big THUGS don't scare me. It really makes you wonder you know, these "times" we live in. And by the way I AM A MALE, that signature I use is just to illustrate a point, there is nothing to fear, except your CROOKED GOVERNMENT.
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