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Default Re: Al-Qaeda Did 9-11

What a bunch of crap!... The U.S government and Israel, and Great Briton.. Did 911 to the U.S.
In fact those three countries, represent the fiat currency coalition.. along with Australians, and the E.U... The whole global financial thingie created by the Rothschilds is about to collapse..

It was a a flim flam to start with.. The whole thing is coming down.. Within the next 2 weeks.

Wars.. poverty.. starvation... IT IS COMING SOON. Stock up on canned goods and shotgun shells.. Forget gold and silver.. Without the amo and firepower your gold and silver is worth nothing.. They will take it from you under conditions of torture..They will come into your home and torture you until you tell them where you have your gold and silver.

This is the New World Order.. Fuck that!
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