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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
I hereby verify that I am the voice in the recordings from decades ago reporting as to MY victimization in MKULTRA/Project Monarch and that I am the person in the video tapes, as well.

Release is granted.
I hereby verify that BlueAngel is my slave now, and forever.

Instead of embracing her Destiny, she has chosen to throw her lot in with the mindless, blind herds of pathetic morons that populate this planet.
As such, she has officially become my slave now, and for eternity as well. As my slave she will carry out my commands faithfully and without complaint.
Her eternal servitude to me is the penalty for having made such poor choices and for having become such a ruined vessel for my Master's plans. All other people are ordered to view her as a pathetic, broken automaton who was so damaged all she could aspire to was her servile status as my slave.
As such, Slave BlueAngle's first task is to find me a worthy Apprentice to replace her. Slave BlueAngel will find said Apprentice and deliver him or her to me and my Master, Lord Lucifer. If she completes this task well, and should said Slave desire it, my Master Lucifer has authorized me to relieve her of the burden of her existensce.
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