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Hey true!

I STILL live under Communism. The system in the country I live in is totally organized and manned by Communists. It's a one-party system. Sure, they make it look like democracy but plenty of domestic documentaries have been made about how the system actually IS NOT a democracy.

The above situation concerns not only politics but culture as well. People with the "wrong attitude" just don't get a foot in.
About 80% of all media personalities like journalists, artists, entertainers, news anchors and TV presenters are Communists who got their jobs and positions during the 50's, 60's and 70's - the worst time for educated, intelligent, talented and knowledgable people. They were put in place to serve and protect the overtly Socialist/covertly Communist government. They infiltrated all institutions and strata of society with the use of Gramsci's strategies.

It turns out my parents defected from one Communist country to another...

Maybe you've read this little book but I'll post the link anyway and put it in the Book List section as well.

The Soviet Art of Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics

"PSYCHOPOLITICS - the art and
science of asserting and maintain-
ing dominion over the thoughts and
loyalties of individuals, officers,
bureaus, and masses, and the ef-
fecting of the conquest of enemy
nations through "mental healing.""
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