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“How can people NOT see it?”

We don’t want to see it. The Cold War was enough of a nightmare. To think that it never really ended but took a devious twist and we are now on the losing side is too much to consider. If we are left wing, we comfort ourselves in saying that it is the right wing war hawks in the US that are raising international tensions with pre-emptive wars and NATO expansion. Whatever is left wing militarism is justified self-defense. If we are right wing, we know that Reagan’s military build up “won the Cold War” and so we are reassured that we are on the right path. All the Commies need is a whiff of good old freedom to make a buck and they’ll never look back. Each side deluded into not seeing the reality.

We can't see that the US helps Communist nations whether through technology transfers, job losses to China, or good old military provocation. The US is playing the doofus bad guy.
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