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Actually, I think people don't see it because the media is of course in the hands of the Communist "useful idiots". They took control via Gramsci tactics of subversion and they are spreading lies and disinfo, along with covering up facts like the governments of most states in Africa are Socialist/Communist.
I believe that many people in Eastern Europe still do somewhat live under communism!.It is possible.

However the reality in Anglo western nations is far different! As i repeatedly keep stating ultra capitalism is more of threat in countries like Australia. One hundred percent Privatisation of public utilities in Australia is about to be realised for the first time in our History.

In country like Australia which as always traditionally had a common good some say suedo socialist mixed capitalist economy in the past, that is huge leap into the unknown as is the FTA Free Trade Agreement with the U.S.
There is anything but communism happening in Australia.

However I dont doubt your reports from eastern europe what would i know about eastern europe. If communism is on the rise there that is very interesting.I have seen lots of Eastern europe and Russia also turning to Neo Nazism also.
I Believe even Russia has various Neo Nazi groups and even a chapter of the KKK. So i would say by the sounds of things the social and economic fabric are very messed up over there right now allround!.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
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