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Heck NOMAD...i'll take a vow. I'll take as many vows as you like.

I'll vow not to beat the shit out of little children but do it anyway in an organised and consistent fashion.

I'll vow not to poke little boys and girls up the bum with my privates and force them to perform oral sex on me but do it anyway in an organised and consistent fashion.

By crickey i'll take a vow to defend little helpless children and then shut my mouth, in fact ordering the covering up of said monstrosities for over 20 years and then have people begging for me to be made a Saint.

Hell i'll take a vow of poverty, in fact i'll take 50,000 vows and still be the richest church in the world with vast realestate holdings and little paedophile hangouts ALL OVER THE WORLD.

This vow of poverty extends to ALL the lovely little parishes i've seen with a nice new ford or holden parked out the front of the modest yet comfortable church home where the devoutly poor priest lives.

Oh yes...the Catholic Church...not the only one but most assuredly the leader in how to make a mockery of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Catholic church speaks for itself.

"Martin Luthar...calling Martin are rerquired at the casualty department, urgent enema required on Catholic Church"...AGAIN.

They make me case you had'nt noticed.
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