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I agree, they're all useless crap...the Catholic church more so.

Where are there balls?

Where is there passion?

When we need leaders we get pathetic do gooders who are nothing more than glorified social workers.

When we need people to stare evil in the face we get half hearted mumbling at best as thousands die.

They fawn at the feet of mammon. Begging for their tax exemptions with many new versions now nothing more than network marketing schemes. Making money for Jesus.

Whens the last time a church leader spoke of the evil of the NWO?

When will one of these gutless pricks stand up on national television and name George Bush what he is...a blathering servent of power. A man who kills in the name of Jesus.

The elephant is in the living room. The churches deserve nothing less than our contempt. They are as they have always been...servents of power.

Time to cut out the middle man and for people to start acting. They've been quiet little sheep for too long.

The churches always teach the kissy, kissy part but never step into Christs other half...confronting power with truth and telling them to stick their version of it.

The Commies were brutes...they just put a bullet in the Churches the Church is 'secularised' and jumps through the hoops it is commanded to like a trained seal. Dosed up on political Prozac...forgetting it's role as protectors of the common soul from the corrupt and powerful.

I'm sick of these sheltered dim wits who've never lived, preaching to the sheep. What would the average fool preacher know of life?

I want men with balls up there. I'm sick of these homosexual/paedophile layabouts, hiding from life in the Church and preaching to me!

I want people who've lived, plumbed the highs and lows looking for salvation. What can these fools possibly give me? More turn the other cheek?

We dont believe any more...we talk the talk but we dont really believe...we dont really take Christ to heart...some do..Rachael Corrie for starters...more balls than the Pope EVER had. She stood in front of a 9 ton bulldozer...the Pope? What has the Pope done? What peace has the Pope brought?

Let Rachael Corrie be a Saint.

Best to you.
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