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Although the original post is an old one, i feel compelled to comment on it,

Sunni Muslims believe that even Muhammad was just an "ordinary" man who transmitted God's message to the mankind.

This statement is part of the propaganda the Sunni muslims (Muhamedans) use in their smear campaign of the Shiites.

However in reality they worship Muhammad as much as the Shiites worship Ali & Hussein.

The Sunnis inserted his name in the prayer, contradicting the clear Quranic condemnation of calling anybody besides God in prayer.

They even built a mosque on his tomb in Medina-Saudi Arabia! and they call it the second holy mosque, while only one sacred mosque is mentioned in Quran in Mecca.

They keep praying on Muhammad's name, totally disregarding God, the One who created him.

And many more practices confirming their idol-worship. Submission, the religion of Abraham was one religion, Satan divided it into Sunni and Shia to subvert it.

Conclusion, the Sunnis are no better than the shiites. Satan subverted the main religions in the world through driving the people to worship their rligious scholars, saints and prophets instead or besides God. Compare how the Muslims reverence Muhammad and Ali, and how the Christians do the smae to Jesus and the Jews to their Rabbis and you will get the idea. All those who reverence creatures instead of their Creator will not be redeemed, ironically they all know and expect God's retribution, 'the great calamity that will cleanse them' !

God\'s alternative, USN

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[3:19] The only religion approved by GOD is \"Submission.\"...
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