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Default Re: mainstream gay romance movie being pushed... here's the trailer

why go to the movies when I can type two lines, click once, and download whatever movie I want?

And if the RIAA is listening, you'll never, ever stop us.

You know what I love? When you go to the movies now, you see all sorts of posters which say, "downloading is illegal blah blah blah". My question is, why are you telling the people at movie theatres that downloading movies is illegal? The people at the theatre ARE THERE BECAUSE THEY CAME TO PAY FOR A MOVIE!

What's more wrong, downloading a crappy movie for free, or making a crappy movie, and trying to pass it off as a good movie in the comercials for it?

And more on topic... Gays don't have children, so they have no one to support but themselves, and and no one to leave any money of estate to. Their income is 100% disposable. They are THE ultimate consumer. They are a total product of a materialistic society. Anything that caters to gays will make money, ecspecially media. Don't get me wrong, gays, as people, are still people. I won't treat any of them poorly because of their sexual orientation. But that doesn't change the effect they has en masse.

First comes a gay romance movie, next comes the Bible being banned as "hate-literature".

Have you ever read pro-homosexual magazines? They aren't exactly "church friendly" if you know what I mean.
When the people fight against the elite, it\'s an act of terror.
When the elite terrorizes the people, it\'s called justice.
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