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Default This is how you can defeat the new world order

The best way to defeat the new world order is through non-participation. Iím sure Iíve read this somewhere before, but it is the simple truth of the matter.

Everyone here at this site has an enormous advantage when compared to the general population. We accept that something is definitely going on where most people are simply ignorant or totally disbelieving. Whether we all agree on the fine details is totally irrelevant: on balance, we all agree that our society is transforming into something ugly.

I believe that the new world order can be defeated easily once you accept and understand a few things.

To start with the new world order people want us to believe that theirs is an authority that canít be resisted. The sentiment of my first post on this site reflects the hopelessness in resisting their authority when I said that it has all been revealed to happen, so why resist?

Let me make it clear that I donít believe this anymore. I think there is a way to resist and that doing so is the most honorable thing we can do.

Resorting to violence is not the answer to the problem. I think the answer is found by rejecting the modern progressive-thinking lifestyle. In fact, rejecting all so-called lifestyles for the only lifestyle that gives you truth and happiness is the answer.

Maybe you are thinking that you normally choose truth at the expense of happiness in the same fashion as choosing between the red or blue pill in The Matrix movie. I think this is the wrong way to look at it. I believe that choosing truth leads to true happiness.

Now back to the lifestyle thing. Our lifestyle has been polluted by the lifestyles of the new world order. The new world order has encouraged us to believe that we are no more significant than a monkey or a dog. The main distinguishing factor is found in our more highly evolved brain. They encourage this view in order to create the impression in our minds that life itself has no ultimate meaning; therefore, our behavior is only constrained by our personal power over others.

In effect, because life has no meaning we are then left to choose our own meaning for life; and thus, our own lifestyle. The choices are as abundant as there are people to subscribe.

We could choose to become an artist or an athlete, or we could choose to become a homosexual or even a prostitute. We can do anything really because in the end, it doesnít really matter: we simply die and go back to the oblivion we had before our parents created us.

Now that Iíve got this out I can go on to summarize my point of view.

This may seem odd to some of you, but finding true love is the best way to defeat the new world order.

To find true love you have to reject selfish lifestyles and develop a sharing and honest persona. In addition, you have to be patient and listen to your true feelings. Like henry says, donít try to make the shoe fit. Also, you need to have confidence in yourself and be sure of what you believe. Probably the most important thing is this; you must learn to understand why sex must remain within a loving marriage. To understand this please read henryís article entitled Letís Reserve Sex For Marriage at

When you become like this you automatically become fertile ground for true love to flourish.

There is only one thing that can make true love real though, and that is the love of God. Godís love unites the spirits of both partners in a way that is stronger than any other love relationship. He brings you together in the first place because you make yourself right for it. Spiritual truths have the greatest rewards. It is not a mere coincidence that you meet, it is through our spiritual and emotional link to God that these things happen.

When you have true love you realize that Godís authority is the only authority. If you accept this, the authority of the new world order reduces to zero. This is why the new world order doesnít want you to believe in God or His love.

And that, my friends, is the only way to defeat the new world order.

All comments welcome, and if you know what Iím talking about, I would love to hear your experiences!

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