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Default Fervidus Pectus Pectoris: The Poems of The Poet

I trust that, you, kind reader will not be put off by my humble attempt at the grand and noble art of poetry. Indeed, if anything my hope is that you may derive inspiration from it. If such is the case, I have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. Feel free to comment on it. Much thanks!

Let's Get High

Let's get high
Higher then you can see
Let's get intoxicated
On ecstasy
Let's fly through the sky
On the wings of fantasy
We'll leave this Earth behind
Just you and me
Let's get high
We'll go to the ocean depths
100,00 leagues under the sea
We'll go to the moon
Beyond reality
We'll walk the streets of gold
Vesuvius too
We'll touch the sun
There's nothing we won't do
Let's get high, let's get high
Let's get high
Far beyond the stars
We'll break these bonds and we'll bend these bars
We'll fly far beyond Mars
We'll lunch with the Grays
We'll catch falling stars
And gather up the strays
We'll ride on sun rays
We'll dance on the head of a pin
And then we will do it all over aging!
Let's get high
Let's just forget
And fly away on a supersonic jet
Let's get high on wishes and dreams
Let's get high on clover and sunbeams
Let's get high on fantasy
Let's day goodbye to reality
Let's make our escape to Katmandu
And let's explore the Himalayas too
We'll eat jambalaya stew
We'll join the Jolly Roger's crew
Let's get high, higher then a kite
Let's get higher then we have a right
Let's blast off this dying sphere
Let's take a long walk off a short pier
Let's get high!

I Loath You
Here I Sit
I know you oh too well
I'm defiled by your smile
You're like a yawning Hell
You lie as you speak
You lie as you breathe
Every motion fills my emotion
with loathing

I loath you, and all your kind
Your clockwork works begin to unwind
I'm picking at the rind
You suffocate me all the time
I canít breathe in your rationalistic grip
As you sell us out, you materialistic pimp
You'd love me if I was a drone
Another faceless, placeless drone
Another mindless clone
Bow before your surface idols!
Sacrifice your sons and daughters!
Tear their hearts out on the assembly line!
On the altar of logical and mechanicalism
Rend their hearts! Tear their tender hearts out!
Crush the fairy under your foot
Offer up Sleeping Beauty as a burnt offering
Yes, make them you!
Drive their emotions away
without pity or mercy
until their faces are steel masks
Crush them, drive them!

We loathe you
A subterranean hate
As long as we breathe
We hate you
You made us you
Our Chests are open and empty
Deprived of all but one emotion
Hate-unending, undying, unceasing
unlivable, unendurably maddening hate
We hate you when we awake
We hate you when we go asleep
We hate you and all your works
We loathe you
Beast, Bastard, Soul Raper
Your logic has torn our tongue out
You have stolen our words
We hate you!

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