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Default Re: For All You Truth Seekers

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Obama's white face, black eyes and smeared red lips have what to do with Socialism?
Believe it or not, that is the same question I asked. But, the creator of the image as well as the article said that Obama represents the comic book character the 'Joker' who was a socialist by nature (where do these people get this stuff from LOL) the 'Joker' in 'The Dark Knight' was actually the polar opposite as he subscribed to anarchy so that is when I did the research into socialism and what it meant, which is why I asked the question 'Why put the word socialism under the picture?"

I decided to start to compare Obama's policies as well as the former administration's policies and that is when I found out there may be something to the socialism aspect of the photo after all.

Again, I say make your own opinions about it and let me know what you, Blue Angel, and anyone else who comes across this post thinks.

Read these articles regarding the Obama poster:
Obama Joker Poster
‘Socialist Joker’ Obama portrait goes viral |

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