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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

You people are hilarious!
From the tone of your post this seems to be doubtful as a vastly different affect appears to be oozing from your internet are a fibber. Not a good start to our Forum relationship possum.

You have never heard David speak, you have never read any of his books, you have never met the guy or watched ANY of his videos,
Very was the..."Rothchild is a shapeshifting lizard"...which caused this to happen...which is the point, the WHOLE point of this thread. Why would someone produce good work and then poisen his own well with what I, and the vast majority of humanity would consider the rantings of a raving lunatic?

but all of a sudden you are an expert on the scam that is David Icke.
Well, like i've pointed out and made quite clear..."Lord Rothchild is a shape shifting lizard". This is the key. You dont get out much do you? I'll stand on a street corner ranting on about centralised power maintaining control through fake terror attacks. You can stand next to me pulling your pud on about shape shifting lizards and shiny spaceships...lets see who's dodging butterfly nets first?

Yes, you and the Ickerians are.

I have been reading through this forum and I have to say that most of you have ZERO clue as to what is really going on.
Really? Well i'm all ears lizard boy! Testify! Boy, i'm glad you're here! I'm taking notes, fire away.

A whole bunch of wannabe conspiracy nuts who spout lots of CRAP.
Hmmmm, interesting analysis. Can you give me some references? Some links? True, you have connected some dots here but I sense you must go deeper. Is there an Alien or Lizard in their? I dont nescassarily require "shape shifting", how about car driving? That would be quite cute! I also sense great oppurtunities for the use of the "Konspiracy Kook" counter culture by the mainstream...not only can they hammer the kooks straight out with cock suckers like Icke, they can also parady ALL day and ALL night thereby driving the central and vital message even further to the margins.

Sure there might be a few informed people on here, but the vast majority are only here to stir shit up and post disinformation. YOU are exactly what you claim David Icke to be. YOU are a fake.
You know, i have personally been quite specific on my criticism of Icke. In fact I have even been gracious giving him credit for good basic info. Please point out EXACTLY which of my posts or point of view is "disinformation"? Be specific.
(Of course you wont. Because you are simply reacting to having your "Messiah" questioned).

I have a fave internet poster. His name is Dave McGowan. I never get mad when people question him...because he writes so well. So well that he gets the practical point accross that we face serious trouble if people cannot discuss these matters. Which brings me back to Icke...

I wouldn't doubt for a second that you are nothing more than an illuminati shill sent here to discredit any real research.
Really? Not for 1 second? How about 2? Did it ever occur to you that your guru is a sham? A man who was formerly of the mass media. Who proclaimed himself Jesus on air. Who mixes good work with "Alien Shape Shifting Lizards". Who, when criticised, jumps up and down like a whiny little bitch that he does'nt care what people think of him. Thats because he is a narcissistic, self centered tosser who puts out info that I cannot use...for obvious reasons.

You and I are ALREADY the choir. It is the vast middle class that must be addressed with information that is useable.

Shape shifting lizards or mere mortal?...the result is the same. "Centralized Power. Dictatorship of an Elite."

KNOWING that his pet theory will only push him to the margins and enable the mainstream to further discredit the alternative media, he is either a fucking tosser/borderline mentally ill (i say bipolar. In fact i believe he is.) or he is working for others.

In fact his popularity has more to do with his ridiculous lizards as people log on for a giggle as I know many do.

What a joke!
Say that agin but this time looking in the mirror. 8-)
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