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For the record, I did ask that our earlier interaction not alter your next post... and sure enough it did. I meant no negativity your way. I was honestly trying to help... all who involve themselves in this place. My personal interests would not so much be the countless urls and threads you have posted [which you cannot keep up with yourself] but instead my interests lie in your opinions on things I post and your opinions on things you post. I am here to interact... period.

You just created a thread titled 'rants and ravings' yet you plan on using it to post all of your links. I don't know why you post so many links when you don't comment on them and get mad when others don't.

Just be yourself... and if this is yourself... then learn how to use a forum properly. Again, if we ALL did what you do, this site would be a maze of non-communication. I don't think it's fair how you create new threads for every url you find that remotely relates to conspiracy and then an active thread disappears. Look at the number of your posts. Did you not also recently comment on this site taking longer to load... now you know why... I've explained it to you. This site can have some order or it will be overrun by chaos. I'd rather have far fewer threads and more interaction in posts. I thought that was why we were here. Who are you posting all of these links for anyway... yourself or us... I don't know. I don't even understand anything you said in your comment above.

I didn't mean to start a problem. Just be yourself and continue as you were and we'll see how this place is in another year. I don't know what else to say that wouldn't just add to the confusion.

This is all meaningless to a passerby or one desiring to utilize this site as a means for research. I now get to fumble through many of your non-informational posts to get to the information you are burying.

As for wearing out your welcome... of course not though this is between you and the site admins. I would encourage you to stick around. There's no rule that says I have to understand people and the things they do here. I'm too busy sorting through the information to think about how I think about THIS.

Please do stay.

I can't say it enough... this is not a personal attack in any way.

Now, back to some of the more informational topics and then I'm off to bed. It is very late.
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