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Default The Old World Order or the New World Order?

I think most people get the terms wrong when they talk about the NWO-conspiracy stuff.
There is logical mistake:
If you resist a new world order,that means you are content with the current world order.
And who is behind the current world order?
The global elite of course.
They have already enslaved us all,so there is no need for them to create "a new world order".
The correct name for this current world order is the Old World Order.
It is led by a group of 6000 men.
They control us by religion,media,military,etc.
And they want us to be afraid of change,because people who are afraid of change,can't change anything.
And so the OWO stays in power,while the people are fearing an imaginary "new world order".

Here is a nice article from the Illuminati website,where they explain this NWO-stuff:
Illumination: the Secret Religion - For us or against us?

And here is another article from them,where they explain who the Old World Order are,and what are their goals:
Illumination: the Secret Religion - The Old World Order

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