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Default Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurium

Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurium
2005 12 06

By Dr. Adolf Hemberger |

A purely magical-mystical loge was founded in 1840 in Munich by some German rich industrialists and well situated citizens. This lodge existed until 1933. At all times only 99 persons of the male gender could belong to this esoteric working-group or secret lodge. This lodge basically never appeared in the open.

This lodge had nothing to do with regular Freemasonry. They didn’t have any actual degrees, ranks and levels of realisation. The advancement to apprentice, journeyman and master was only of symbolic character. All secrets were given during the initiation. The other “grades” were not ranks, but only temple-stones which were provided with a number and name. Their intention was demonological oriented i.e. they tried, in alliance with allegedly existing negative spiritual forces to obtain personal advantages, influence, power and money for their members. For this reason they placed themselves under mars-daimon “Barzabel”, the old bull-god Astaroth, Belial and Asmodi as lodge-daimon who took place number 100 in the lodge.

Similar to the Russian Roulette (also practised by the order of assassins which also existed at the turn of the century (19th to the 20th century) in Central Europe), every five years (if at that point of time no other lodge member had died) a balloting for ”death candidate” took place on the evening (June 23rd) before John’s day. This death candidate served as “lodge-sacrifice” for the services of the transcendental powers in which the lodge believed. The dead-candidate was determined by the draw of a lot or a ballot. In the later case there were 98 white balls and 1 black ball in the ballot box. Whoever drew the dead-lot became, according to the constitution of the order, property of the supposed lodge daimon, i.e. he had to consume deadly poison during the lodge meeting.

The Grandmaster of this organisation that was part of a truly “macabre” and supersaturated society had the authority to order the balloting three times if “fate” demanded him draw the black ball. The fortune and capital of the “sacrificed” member came into the treasury of the lodge. The lodge-seat, lodge-number and the serving imagospurius[1] were assigned to the new member who was to be initiated on the same day. Allegedly the lodge mastered in theory and practice almost all black-magical techniques. Every member was bound to the lodge-daimon by oaths, blood-rituals and mental-pacts. The most important rituals were taken from the works of ceremonial magic (see “Heptameron”, Waite: Ceremonial Magic, Stroessner-Bachhausen: “Freimaurerei und Magie” etc.). Also combat-telepathy and the ray-apparatus Tepaphone were used. (See Fraternitas Saturni and the Order of the Mentalic Builders).

Sources: Quintscher: “Denu val gumas”
Bardon: “Frabato"

Information about this lodge were given by Gregor A. Gregorius from mouth to ear to Master Ptahhotep of the Fraternitas Saturni, Wolther, Guido (Master Daniel), 33rd degree of the Fraternitas Saturni and it Grandmaster for a while, was also member do the Droit-Humain order; descriptions of the rituals, techniques and procedures of the FOGC lodge.

Minutes of lodge-meetings (not available to the public)


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