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Default Re: Bush a PATSY!!

He is a "patsy" in the sense that now the U.S's reputation as a nutter superpower is cast in concrete...the internationalist arm of the NWO program can morally justify the creation of a re-invigorated and powerful United Nations to... "Bring ORDER to the galaxy!"

"Unlimited Power!!!!!!"

The American people are the young Anakin Skywalker, idealistic but unable to weild power wisely and easily led due to unconscious about to be cast as Darth Vader! as they become the IRON FIST of the Emporer in bring ORDER TO THE GALAXY!

Look at Wolfowitz, Powel and Armitage...all have nice jobs now. They've left the ship. The work of casting the U.S a danger to the safety of the world is complete...just one act to go...mushroom cloud.

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