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Default Re: Three Australians dead, Bali hospital says

"It appears that there has been less chemical used in the bombs and the deaths have been caused by shrapnel, so in that sense it's not exactly the same as the bombing of the nightclubs in Bali that happened on the October evening back in 2002," he said.
No, there was nowhere to bury the nuke.

I worked with Prof. Fiona Stanley (burns doctor) briefly in St John Of God Hospital, Subiaco.

I was hoping to put some questions to her on the state of the burns victims if I got the chance but never did.

Not a snowballs chance in hell did a piss weak "Potasium Chlorate" bomb mixed with aluminium oxide cause those "flash burns" and strip concrete from metal rods in the original Bali bombing. No doubt the facts of this one will leak out slowly.
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