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Back to the witness protection program. This was his LOCATION under his user name.

WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM off the coast of Florida.

One must know it was for reason.

So, it may well be that this is what was to occur had I been brought back into the cult; however, this "operation" would have had to penetrate my husband and children and so it was destined to fail from the onset. No matter what state of mind I had been tranced into, I just don't see how this would have materialized and, if I can't see it happening, how could they have underestimated themselves to this degree?

There is a memory of it being said that I would have to go BACK into a WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM as if it had happened before and didn't bring about the results that HE and I expected which was to bring this matter to light. The reason; because they had TURNED ME AGAINST HIM. Brainwashed me against him.

I think the reference to this was to call up the disinformation that I had been placed in a Witness Protection Program and this is where the memories of his "innocent" involvement in my past were erased.

The truth would be the opposite.

In Peace,
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